Coming to the end of the contract.

It is coming to the end of the contract for the Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes project staff. Alison Pritchard (the Project Manager) and I (Emily Nicklin the Volunteer Coordinator), have both really enjoyed our time here and have loved working with the wonderful collections that Shropshire Archives and Museums hold. Don’t despair though because the website is still running and will be for the next few years!

This project has been a very innovative and amazing experience to be a part of and I know that we both feel very lucky to have been working on it. It is right at the forefront of digital technology and in a few years’ time it will have hopefully inspired other heritage companies to do the same.

We have enjoyed delving into the deep dark depths of the Archive and Museums stores to try and bring you some interesting pieces to work on. There was and is a lot of work in getting anything ready to go up onto the website and we have created a lot of new procedures along the way. It is not simply a case of uploading the records you have to first make sure they are accessioned then catalogued then take an image of the record, crop and get the image web worthy, put the image with the record, then upload the whole thing to the online collection space, then find the record online to make the project on the website. So take this process and times it by however many records you would like working on and you will see why it does take a long time to create projects on the website. A lot of hard work and dedication have been involved in this project and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped, supported and guided us through.

We have a lot of memories with this project but one of our favourites was the time we were hunting in the Archives stores and found some postcards with some red see through film. What we discovered was a late Victorian ‘naughty’ set of postcards. To the normal eye were just a man and a woman in clothes but when you put the red film over the top the ladies clothing disappeared! We had a chuckle over that!

We have both very much enjoyed working with one another and I know that I hope to work with Alison and the Shropshire Archives and Museums in the future.  Alison is staying in Shropshire but I have obtained an opportunity down in Cornwall and have jumped at a chance of a new challenge. This project has been a great chance for us to both broadened our horizons and gained new skills. So thank you again to the Arts Council for funding the project and for the staff at Shropshire Archives and Museums for coming up with a wonderful and exciting project. We both wish all the virtual volunteers the best of fun for all the interesting projects that the Shropshire Heritage Heroes will have coming up!

Happy Virtual Volunteering!

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