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Window Shopping on the Past – an upcoming exhibition

Henry James's shop in Shrewsbury in the late 19th century

Henry James’s shop in Shrewsbury in the late 19th century

Shropshire Archives invite you to peer into the windows of our Victorian past at our exhibition, ’Window Shopping on the Past’, this autumn at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury. Glimpse the stunning displays of foods… and products which were for sale: everything from a tin bath to a pocket watch, a coracle or a round of cheese. You can also see the shopkeepers, their families and staff and the occasional curious onlooker who sneaks into shot.

This remarkable set of photographs was taken in 1888 by Joseph Lewis Della Porta. This exhibition is a selection of images printed from his original glass negatives, over one hundred of which survive, and are kept at Shropshire Archives. Della Porta’s photographs are some of the most engaging of our 45,000 strong photograph collection which is being catalogued as part of the Volunteering for Shropshire’s Heritage Project. The exhibition will run from late September to early December. Watch this space for more details!

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